Where it all started…

It started with a desire, becomes a hobby that turned out to be a passion and soon will be my Craft.

What am i talking about here is my love for Calligraphy. Yes, i am a 2 month old calligrapher. Just like you i was always fascinated with letters and how those calligrapher turned that words into life. Since then i have the desire to do lettering but i reckon that will not lead me to something because of my penmanship. Until one day, this churchmate of mine posted some lettering and facebook. It was like a call that woke me up and saying “Hey this is your time to try what you love”. Since then my love for letters was born.

So what is Calligraphy all about?


Calligraphy- is the art of writing letters, and is solely based on penmaship. It shouldn’t be interchanged with letterring, as it is entirely different discipline in itself. Calligraphy involves the correct formation of characters, the ordering of various parts, and the harmony of proportion when it is practiced. Also a subset of lettering, calligraphy involves the execution of letters in a designated order and format.

(Source: The ABC of  Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy)

Yes it is based on penmanship, but just like other things practicing will improve your penmanship. Calligrapher usually study the basic font and that is Copperplate (well it is not as basic for me, because still i am struggling to do it right). And i guess i will do a separate blog to share to you what copperplate is. And aside from fonts, i also learned that even PROs still do the basic like doing drills of thin and thick strokes, right turn of O’s and E’s,okay so much for that nerdy lessons.
So this introductory blog is perfect to express this whole thing and what to expect to my blog. As i devoted myself to my passion i also thought that this is the high time for me to go back to my first love, and that is reading and writing. I will do some study about calligraphy, lettering and my ever so love Typography, make some reviews of the materials i use, featured some awesome artist like Anina Rubio and Nina Tran, post my own works ( also for me to keep track of my progress, you can also do that by the way) and everything i learned in life using calligraphy as a medium.
I will write to hearten you, to show you the true meaning of life and to bring you back to your first love. Come and let’s journey this life together.

The Calligraphy Enthusiast ❤


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