All you need to do is to take that first step

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Do you know that you are destined for greater things?

Yes you are.

It’s not a not a question but it is merely a fact. You are not made for average nor for mediocrity, you are made for Amazing and Mind blowing things! All you need to do is to go beyond. So as i asked Mr. Merriam Webster

Beyond- to do outside the limit or range, more than (something)

So what does beyond mean? It is to do unsual things. Circumstances that leads you to reach your limit and set another limit. It is to do beyond what you think you can do. It is to do what other people usually don’t do. Yes, you are born for great things! But how it will manifest in your life? It is to go beyond.

Yesterday was a day that changed my while being, it might not manifest physically(like physical appearance lols) but it gave me such courage. As i attend the 9th National G12 Philippines Conference and heard Apostle Lawrence Khong preach, it amazes me how anointed and powerful disciple he was. (Like my jaw literally drop as he speak) But his teaching about going beyond really strike me the most. It was like a shooting star that i’ve waited so long to come and be used to answered my questions and prayers.

He preached about the story of Queen Esther, the bravery she had to protect her people and saved them from death. Queen Esther is a perfect example of a woman who has full of courage and Faith to God. (You can read her story in the Bible the book of Esther)

Apostle Lawrence also mentioned some disciples who took their beyond factor, like Noah when Gid told Him to build an Ark and Moses who was appointed by God to lead the people of Israel from the slavery in Egypt to the promise land. Do you know what they all have in common? They all go beyond, beyond their comfort zone and beyond their usual faith, but as they go beyond they all took that first step. Esther fast before she see the king, Noah obeyed God though the situation is opposite as God command and Moses as he accept God’s command even though he wasn’t capable to speak in front of many.

So if you want a successful and fruitful life from God, go beyond and take that first step.

All you need to do is to say YES, and you are not the one responsible for the outcome. It is God who will make it happen.
-Apostle Lawrence Khong


The Calligraphy Enthusiast,


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