From Pressure to Pleasure: Reviving the passion that has been buried

“Wala na tayong panahon para sa mga bagay na hindi natin kayang panindigan”
-Isabel (Heneral Luna)

Indeed we only live once, and to have such a gift is so precious you don’t want to waste it. Unfortunately seldom people only sees life in that perspective.  We are always occupied by our cicumstances and problems. We always think of things that leads us to worry. We dwell in many “what ifs” instead of “let’s do it”. As i always say, God doesn’t promise that it will be all easy, a smooth sailing path but He do promise that He will be with us through the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

So how can pressure change into a pleasure? (Well first of all the pleasure i am talking about here is having a heart full of joy while doing something, just to make things clear). But first what is pressure?

Pressure- the weight or force that is produced when something presses or pushes against something else.

(Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary)

When we say pressure the automatic feedback of our mind is negative, we thought of it like a burden. Pressure in studies, work, family, finances or even in church! But this time i would like to focus on the Chruch, the body of Christ.

I’ve heard and seen people complained to their church leaders about being pressured specifically in Discipleship. I grow in a church where Discipleship is really important, it is beyond leadership and goals it is all about changing lives. And even i, i admit that i’ve been complaining about being pressured in discipleship. But lately it was revealed to me by God through the conference that it is not the pressure itself, but is my heart whom defocuses from the vision. To be entrusted by God to lead people must be a pleasure to us rather than a pressure. It is a privilege and not a burden, but because sometimes we are preoccupied by our circumstances, the enemy wants us to think that we shouldn’t do what we do (And that is discipleship). Do not let the arguments of the enemy win over your joy upon serving the Lord.

Hindi pressure yan kapatid, nawala ka lang sa vision. Kasi kung nakikita mo talagang privilege ang pag sserve sa Lord hindi ka magrereklamo, magpapasalamat ka pa nga eh.

Know and check your heart, do you really see it a privilege as you serve the Lord? Or do you see it just a church requirement? We are not commanding people to do what should be done, we are changing their lives to obey what God wants us to do.

Passion over Pressure. We will be needing a big heart as we disciple people not a big mouth to utter our complains. Everyday will be a battle, a war we need to overcome and if we will not have a heart to endure we will surely get tired and eventually die. Keep your fire burning!

Jeremiah 20:9 But if I say, “I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,” his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.

The Calligraphy Enthusiast,


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