Focus on the Goal: Progress not Perfection ✒

It’s been a while since the last time i share my thoughts here in wordpress and i guess this would be the first time that i will really publish a blog about calligraphy (This is to give justice in my wordpress url Hahaha).

January had been a journey indeed! (Not mentioning my battle regarding finding a work 😄) But i will not brag about my “search for the God-given work in this post” maybe some other time. So as i was saying January is indeed a Month of enduring for me. Back to my calligraphy journey i am here to share few of my habit/challenge for this year, and that is to develop my script in Calligraphy (Woohoo).

So last Semptember 2015 (09-0915) to be exact i started my Pointed Pen Calligraphy Journey. At the moment i am still innocent about everything, what is nib, how it works?, what paper to be use, what kind of ink do i need? It was a totally disaster, definitely a new world for me. But good thing i got some Calligrakada (Calligraphy Friends) who helped me through the basic. So to get started you’ll be needing these things.


                (Sample of Starter Kit)

Starter kit in Pointed Pen Calligraphy
1. Pen Holder ( Straight or Oblique will do)
2. Nib ( There are tons of nibs but as a beginner pro’s suggest G nibs like Nikko G, Tachikawa G, Zebra G)
3. Ink (Generally almost everyone is using Sumi ink, and not mentioning that there are also many kinds of sumi ink)
4. Paper (Usually 100gsm smooth paper)

Now you have the basic tools for pointed pen calligraphy, as you get started you’ll be needing to know few things about the tools like preparing the nib. So that the ink will stick on the nib (This was the ancient teaching taught by my churchmate, Ate Jane Palma). Wash your nib using tissue and your saliva, alcohol and water. It was indeed effective!! Believe me!

There, your tools are set and let the writing begin!

I’ve been doing this lettering for 3 months! But at the end of the day it feels like pointed pen is not liking me that much. I almost give up because i see no progress in my script. Not until i learn and accept the fact that Pointed pen calligraphy is not just about practicing, but it is also about studying the basic. And one of the basic i am talking about is doing drills. One of (i consider) Teacher in Pointed pen calligraphy always says the importance of Drills. You can check her site Nina Tran and her Instagram @anintran . Her consistency and smooth writing inspired me to do drills ( Yes i admit i really hate doing drills, but that was before)


         (This is the example of my recent 
                      Copperplate drills)

The basic is usually the things we ignore the most but the very important thing that we should do. So every now and then before i write i tend to give 30mins for drills.

And aside from drills, as the year welcomed me the Instagram community launched the #HandletteredABCs_abc. It is a challenge wherein you will go back to the basic alphabet and try to study it once again. (So i am not the only one who wanted to go back to the basic) and everyone just got excited to join the challenge/community. Come and check out lots of awesome post from different calligraphers in their instagram account @Handletteredabcs


            (My progress after 4 months)

So after 4 months i decided not to give up on pointed pen, i am actually loving the process! To explain the photo above, the one on the top was taken last September 2015 in which i started to learn pointed pen. I know what you are thinking! Yes it was a completely disaster, i can still recall how frustrated i am that night. But hey atleast i know the basic strokes (upstroke- thin and downstroke- thick). And the photo in the bottom is my recent script. It’s not my best but i am much happy to my progress. (You see i don’t have a good cursive penmanship, the photo on the top was the evidence) but it takes knowledge and tons of patience and perseverance. And to explain the photo, it was actually my copperplate script. But i do need to study, critic and improve my script, like my stems and squre tops and bottoms.

You see whatever you are learning to do now, you must put in mind that we aim for progress and not perfection. Because no one really achieve perfection, ‘coz people have different perspective regarding perfection. If you aim for perfection, and didn’t able to reach it (because of other people’s view in perfection) it will totally leave you frustrated. Aim for progress for your account and just not to please other people. (No offense but this is my view, okay? :))

This 2016 i decided to study Copperplate Script, and i am eager to learn it this year together my calligrakada and Teacher, Nina. On the next blog will be about my #copperplatejourney2016 Yay! I am so excited for this journey and to see you as you start your pointed pen calligraphy journey!

I am forever and always grateful to God, for giving me this craft that i didn’t know i have. Woooh! Everything is for His Glory and Honor! ❤

The Calligraphy Enthusiast,
Yan ❤


2 thoughts on “Focus on the Goal: Progress not Perfection ✒

    1. Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa to. It was a traditional method lols, Wash it using your Saliva, Water and Alcohol. Hihi Effective sya sa nibs ko. And i’m not an expert (yet) i just love to explore, study and be close with real Pro’s hihi but thank you though.


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