Meet the Enthusiast ❤

“Give me a paper and i will tell you how great life is”

I am not your typical writer. I started blogging way back when i was in 2nd year high school (2009) , at that time i wasn’t even aware that what i am doing is blogging.  I started in tumblr, then discover blogspot and now i am in wordpress. Don’t get me wrong, ain’t no pro here, i am just someone who loves to write and share thoughts inside my head.

Blogging isn’t always that thing that i am consistently doing, i mean i write whenever i wanted to. Whether i am happy, i am Angry, or whenever i’m depress. It is always a good medium to express my emotion especially i am not a fan of telling others what i really feel. I enter college and try to write some things but then i realized that it lead me to nothing so i stopped. Until one day my whole life changed, and that is the time when i received my sight to what is life really means. I got my vision just like what happen to Saul then later on became Paul. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. It was indeed a thing that i need to broadcast to the whole world. For the first time, i experienced genuine joy, i learned to forgive because i was already forgiven. I gained patience and i found the meaning of my life. And i was given a privilege to serve Him by leading His people back to Him.

And as i continue my Journey with Him i decided to write to reach out young people to hearten them, not so long time ago i discover another God’s given gift to me and that is Calligraphy. Although my penmanship sometimes doesn’t want to work coordinately with me still my passion for it burns like a fire. And now as i go back to my first love,  may you allow me to share to you promises and words of encouragement from Him through my writings and calligraphy.

For His Glory and Honor.

The Calligraphy Enthusiast ❤



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